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Prevention Workshop Topics


Sexual violence is about power and control. We want to help young people identify power dynamics within their own relationships and be able to use this in a positive way, rather than toxic or unhealthy ways. It’s important for young people to be able to learn about how different forms of oppression are connected.

Learning outcomes:

  • I know more about how power can influence sex and relationships.
  • I know more about why some groups in society experience higher rates of sexual violence.
  • I feel more able to challenge discrimination that contributes to sexual violence such as sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and ableism.



In this workshop we help young people understand the principles behind consent, and to develop the communication skills needed to practice it. We draw attention to the kinds of pressures or expectations young people experience about sex & relationships. We facilitate discussions which challenge and assert definitions of what consent actually means, particularly what the law says.

Learning outcomes:

  • I know more about what consent means.
  • I know more about how power can influence consent
  • I feel more confident practising consent.
  • I feel more confident exploring choices with others without pressuring them.
  • I feel more able to respond positively if someone says no or is unsure.


Understanding Sexual Violence

In this workshop, we cover forms of sexual violence, rape myths and help facilitate conversations around the scale of prejudice & discrimination. We break down the concept of ‘violence’. Young people often understand it as something physical. However, if we think about it coming from the term ‘violation’ e.g., the use of power to overcome someone else’s will, we can better understand the kinds of impacts survivors experience.

Learning outcomes:

  • I know more about how sexual violence is an abuse of power.
  • I know more about the impacts sexual violence can have on survivors including; black survivors and survivors of colour, LGBTQ+ survivors and disabled survivors.
  • I feel more confident recognising sexual violence.
  • I feel more confident about what to say or do if someone told me that they have experienced sexual violence.



In the age of the internet, both girls and boys are increasingly developing unrealistic ideas & expectations about bodies and sexual behaviours, especially from pornography. This gives a very narrow view of how sex should go. We want young people to have great sexual relationships, based on consent and pleasure, not based on what they might feel is the ‘norm’ and what they are often pressured to conform too.

Learning outcomes:

  • I understand more about how pornography can create 'sexual scripts’.
  • I understand more about how pornography can reinforce stereotypes about gender, race, sexuality, and disability.
  • I feel more confident developing sexual relationships based on pleasure and consent.



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